CRMNET - Contact Relationship Management


CRMnet provides a comprehensive business development tool. This easy-to-use relational database integrates information on the companies, contacts, prospects and personnel that you deal with everyday. It tracks events and activities with respect to marketing or general business, and helps you focus on your client development efforts in an organised and cost-effective manner.

The system is based strongly on the manipulation of contact lists or sets and allows system wide or personnel lists of contacts for various activities or events





CRMnet provides valuable assistance in helping you organise and access data for clients, prospects and personnel through a variety of fields, including:

  • Address information.
  • Industry.
  • Status (client, prospect).
  • Personnel to Contact relationship information.
  • Activities and events.
  • Mailing or other contact lists.

The following are some of the features of CRMnet.

  • Create and manipulate system wide or personal contact lists.
  • Sort or search on many field combinations with in different modules
  • Store contact addresses or use company as the default address.
  • Eliminate duplicates when adding new records with conflict checking on company and contact names.
  • Produce standard output files for Mail merge or import into other office products such as spread sheets or executive information systems.
  • Access accounting and other client information through custom bridges.
  • Access CRMNet contact information from MS Outlook and MS Word or from MS Window’s clipboard for other products using CRMConnect.
  • Store your data in MS Access or use a back office SQL Server ie MS SQLServer


Company and Contact Profiles

Multiple contacts and their associated data a stored against a company profile which in it self has associated data.


              Activities, list membership, notes and relationships between the contact and internal staff are                 some of the associated data stored with respect to each contact.

              Companies may be linked to system documents, jobs or tasks and general notes.



Activity Tracking

Track mailings, seminars, and meetings for contacts.

Record meetings and phone calls with responses, callback dates, and notes.

Marketing tasks are handled by creating events and associated activity records relating to the events or simply to the contact as an on going list of activities between the contact and your staff.



In most areas of the system you can view the data in record or browse format.